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The Adventures of Slade Sapora
Selected Photo Gallery
Check out my new gallery of photos from the SHIP of Fools Disc Golf Tournament in Cottage Grove, Oregon!  YARRRRRRR!!!!Ship_of_Fools_DG.html
This site designed to serve a couple of basic functions:

Personal Portfolio:  A short intro / bio on me, links to various professional associations, and my resume for those of you considering me for a high-paying job in the Maldive Islands.

Photo Galleries:  A rather vast, yet utterly breathtaking, collection of images.  Seabird colonies from the Aleutian, Semidi and Pribilof Islands of Alaska.  Shorebirds and wildlife from the Alaskan arctic.  Travels abroad from Thailand to Croatia...and much more.

Blog:  It’s not up to date...but some of my ramblings from various legs of adventures I’ve been on.  If you want a window into these inner-workings, this might just be your bag.